Optimized Risk Management

Risk Management Advice. Customizable Tools.

We provide risk management advice and supporting tools and templates to help your small to medium sized business optimally manage risks better.

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    Risk management does not have to be complicated.

    Whether you are a business of 2 or 200,000 people, there are simple risk management solutions you can implement to help you manage the risks you face while pursuing your business objectives.

    Let us advise you on practical risk management approaches that are tailored for the size and complexity of your business.

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    Optimized Risk Management


    Smart methods for identifying and assessing your risks


    Quantifiable articulation of the amount of risk you are willing to accept


    Defining the delegation of responsibilities suitable for managing risks for your business


    Meaningful risk management information necessary for informed decision-making

    We also offer customizable risk management tools and templates to support your risk management framework.
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    New to Risk Management?

    All businesses have risks and should strive to manage those risks – regardless of its size.

    We want to help you realize the benefits of managing your risks optimally regardless of your risk management maturity. To that end, we provide blog posts and video tutorials to introduce risk management concepts to those new to the risk management discipline.

    We are industry agnostic. We believe all types of companies should manage their risks – and the commonsense techniques that we offer are transferable to all industries.

    While there is no guarantee that your business will survive even with proper risk management, having a good risk management process in place can prepare you for the ups and downs your business may encounter.

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    Is your business reaping the benefits from your risk management process?

    Optimized Risk Management will assist you in clarifying your risks to meeting your business objectives, formulating the amount of risks you are willing to accept in pursuit of these objectives, and understanding whether you are meeting those risk management acceptance levels.

    We have video tutorials to walk you through the steps of building fundamental components of your risk management framework.

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