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Risk Management Advice --Risk Appetite Setting -- Risk Event Management

We will advise you on your risk management approach and framework.

Understanding the risk management process is an important tool for any successful business. However, it may be difficult for you to realize the full benefits if it is not done optimally.

We can assist you in assessing whether your risk management efforts are optimal for meeting your business objectives.

And if you are just getting started on building your risk management framework, we can help you with your journey.

We will advise you on how to articulate your risk appetite.

Setting your risk appetite is one of the cornerstones for successfully managing your risks. Most importantly, your risk appetite helps you understand where you might be taking on more risk than you are willing to accept or tolerate or conversely, where you may not be taking on enough risks.

We will advise you on the methods for identifying and assessing your risks.

All businesses have risks. Successful businesses understand their risk landscape. They take conscious decisions to assess and manage these risks to within stated risk appetite levels.

The size and complexity of your business will determine your approach to identifying risks, assessing, managing, and monitoring your risks.

We will advise you on establishing your risk event management process.

Risks identified do materialize sometimes. Therefore, it is a priority to define your approach for containing, resolving and informing the right people of the risk event.

It is just as important to take a step back to learn from these risk events and ensure such events only reoccur when you are willing to accept or tolerate it happening again.

We will advise you on the optimal delegation of responsibility for managing your risks.

Risks should be discussed and managed with proper consideration by those responsible and accountable for risks within your business.

You can set clear guidelines for ensuring that the management of your important risks does not fall between the cracks when you understand the roles and responsibilities for managing your risks.

We will advise you on the optimal suite and content of risk reports for your decision-making needs.

Risk reporting is intended to help you make the appropriate decisions on the management of your risks.

Risk reporting should be targeted to meet the needs of your various risk managers and business stakeholders.

Customizable Tools and Templates

We also offer risk management tools and templates to support your risk management framework. These tools can be fully customized for your business needs