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Since 2021

Solutions that are Practical, Compliant, and Tailored for Your Business

Optimized Risk Management was established to help small to medium sized businesses realize the benefits of managing their risks. We strive to help you ensure that your risk management processes are practical, compliant and tailored for the size and complexity of your business.

We want to help you realize the benefits of managing your risks optimally regardless of your risk management maturity. To that end, we provide blog posts and video tutorials to introduce risk management concepts to those new to the risk management discipline.

Our focus is on advising clients that want personalized solutions that don’t just mimic the complex solutions sometimes needed for larger firms.

We are industry agnostic. We believe all types of companies should manage their risks – and the common sense techniques that we offer are transferable to all industries.

To get you started, we offer risk management tools and templates to build and support your risk management framework. These tools can be fully customized to your business needs.

Our Company Values

Thought Leadership

Offering innovative, uncomplicated solutions that truly provide risk management benefits

Personalized Service

Offering customized solutions tailored for the size and complexity of your business

Diversity Prioritized

Providing service to the underserviced is our top priority. Offering risk management solutions for all industries and levels of risk management maturity

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  • Longer-term engagements available with statement of work agreement

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  • Flat term rates for multiple users
  • Unlimited risk management advisory meetings for three authorized employees
  • Schedule meetings with or without a statement of work agreement
  • All risk management tools and templates for sale included

Our Customizable Tools and Templates

Take a look at our customizable, Microsoft Excel-based tools. These are fundamental to maintaining your risk management processes.